Paid Search

While you focus on your business, our team will be tracking and analyzing all data pertaining to your industry. We are insight driven and ROI focused.

Our team will go above and beyond to ensure that we are a perfect fit for your business. After we conduct a comprehensive analysis and determine how we can provide you the greatest ROI, we will give you an action plan.


Why You Need Paid Search

When users are searching on Google, or any other search engine, they are exposing their intent – intent to answer a question, intent to look for a product or service, etc.

Being able to control the searches, more importantly the relevant intent-driven searches that your company shows up for, gives you control over exactly when users are seeing your ad and exactly what you present to them at that moment…

Paid Search allows your business to get the most out of every advertising dollar. Instead of paying an exorbitant amount to broadcast your message to a general audience (like in traditional advertising), with PPC you only pay when users actively engage with your advertising by clicking through to your site.

Think about this: Google processes an average of 50,000 queries a second, and Bing processes another 10,000. These platforms allow you 140 characters of precious space within those search engine results to display your most attractive self. Why wouldn’t you take this opportunity to beat out competitors and gain new leads?


Why You Need Our Help

Our dedicated and experienced PPC team is focused on getting our clients results that they have been unable to achieve elsewhere…

There are many details and features that our team utilizes within these platforms to ensure that your search engine ads succeed. For example, did you know that both Google and Bing search advertising offer ad extensions that allow you even more opportunities to:

  • Be noticed by the user
  • Provide the relevant information that the user is interested in
  • Show off special promotions, features, or amenities
  • Allow the user to call directly from the search engine page

Google and Bing are continually coming out with more features like this. Our SEM Specialists stay on top of the latest trends to guarantee that your ads are performing to the highest standard.


What Our Day-To-Day Search Engine Management Entails

Our PPC agency specializes in tailoring every detail of the ads, extensions, and keywords to obtain our clients’ goals within any budget. This is how we do it:

  • Manually optimizing bids
  • Selecting ideal keyword match types
  • Improving quality scores
  • Experimenting with ad copy
  • Tracking call extension conversions
  • Increasing share-of-voice
  • Targeting specific locations
  • Day-parting campaigns
  • Adding and managing negative keywords