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2019 Summer Marketing Campaigns

When the sun is out, feet will be on the ground and there will be plenty of opportunities to promote new products. Whether a brand releases a seasonal addition to their product line, or they’re offering a limited-time service, summertime, in particular, is a huge chance to spread awareness in the physical form. From flyers to banners and billboards, and into the digital space we go, there is an overflowing number of options to choose from for your summer marketing campaign. Let’s talk about some of the current ongoing marketing campaigns and how big brands manage to stand out in a flux of incoming seasonal promotions.

Summer Vibes

Anytime someone thinks of summer, it’s usually accompanied by an image of the beach, mountain hikes, or picnics with friends. The ability to fuse your product or service within the framework of a “summer vibe” can instantly alert your consumers that your brand is active and prepared to join them on the hot days ahead. Coca-Cola’s current campaign labeled “Summer Love” takes a subliminal approach, where the soft drink itself isn’t acknowledged, yet every scene includes people holding onto bottles of the flagship beverage. Through a well-produced collage of images and videos of couples sharing intimate moments in summer-themed settings, the 31-second advertisement effectively makes the viewer feel carefree. Instead of blatantly promoting the drink, they chose to promote the atmosphere and the connection between each couple. Clearly, Coca-Cola’s digital marketing agency had the intention of communicating a feeling rather than new information.

Vibrant Summery Colors

Another way to grab consumers attention during the summer is by incorporating summer colors into your marketing or product line. Clothing brands are big contenders when it comes to this, they change the colors of their clothing line every time the season changes. Guarantee wherever you go right now you will see “summery” colors & prints on the racks!

Even soft drink brands are incorporating colors into their marketing this summer. For instance, Bubly sparkling water, their most current promotion, only 15 seconds in length, is an explosive CGI driven party with every flavor of their sparkling water. The colors are vibrant, the movement of the cans is smooth, and the benefits of the drink are clear. Even with such a tiny promo, incorporating these vibrant colors can be very impactful when consumers are choosing between soft drinks to buy this summer.

Getting Creative

While Coca-Cola’s commercial connected to the season of summer through imagery and feeling, Bubly sparkling water communicated summer through coloration and cheer. Each creative campaign was able to get something important across in under a minute, and it’s clear that marketing agencies are moving toward an image-based future of promo. With so many new editing and film production tools available each year, digital marketing agencies are getting more creative with less. Smashed Media is a digital marketing agency that has helped hundreds of brands revolutionize their seasonal marketing campaigns to great avail. Now that “Summer is here,” it is time to ensure your summer marketing is up to par and effective. Seasons like summer offer numerous creatives for marketing campaigns, do not be the brand that misses out this summer.


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