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17 Mar: The Real Reason We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Each year, over half of all Americans take to the streets for parades and pub crawls while dressed in illustrious green garments to celebrate St. Patrick Day. It’s not only a time for friends, family, and community to join together for drinks, it’s also a major opportunity for brands to capitalize through creative holiday marketing.

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14 Mar: Advantages Of Using Shopify For An E-Commerce Site

So you’ve got a great product, and heck, maybe you even have great sales to accompany your great product. But is your website running at optimal performance? We’re not just talking about the hosting, we’re talking about everything from the user interface, to the page loading speed, down to the checkout process. comfort at a mattress store.

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08 Mar: Choosing The Right Day To Launch

When it comes to launching a new product or marketing campaign of any kind, correlating your launch with current events can be a key to success. To go even further, if your content marketing itself can match a trending topic of discussion, the work can become even more impactful. By selecting the right time for your launch and devising the right strategy for how your ideas will be delivered, you can garner sales while creating a long-lasting bond with your consumers.

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06 Mar: How Major Brands Are Wasting Their Budgets On Ads

It might not come as a big surprise that major brands can suffer from huge oversight in their ad campaigns. We’ve all driven down that road in the middle of nowhere only to see a billboard showcasing the latest deals at JCPenney, with the closest store 100 miles away. But what might not be as easy to infer is the actual cost of such is easier than you think.

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04 Mar: How Grammar & Spelling Affect Your Brand

While we all know how important it is to be precise with the wording of our online content, taking care of punctuation, spelling, and proper phrasing can be easy to overlook. National Grammar Day reminds us each year to be just a bit more careful with our words in both our personal conversations and workplace projects so that our points can always get across, free of grammatical error