Blockwolf provides the most up-to-date & comprehensive news & market analysis to cryptocurrency investors. Due to the ever changing nature of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency markets, it’s often difficult for investors to stay fully in the know on all pertinent developments. Blockwolf’s team of researchers and analysts conduct extensive due dilenence and research, so their B2B & B2C clients can stay informed of all market changes, industry trends and emerging blockchain technologies. Blockwolf provide tremendous value to its users by showing them coin research & deep dives which include testing products, working with communities, token economics, creating white papers, code audits & so much more.


The use of black & white convey strength & authority while the modern yet stylistic font keep the Blockwolf brand on trend & relevant to the targeted demographic. In order to maintain a balanced feel, we created a pyramid-like design comprised of six circles, decreasing in size from top to bottom. At the very top of the pyramid-like shape is a white circle, which against the black background, immediately draws you in. The seamless transition between the first & second row is further facilitated by the use of light grey for the second row of circles which are also somewhat smaller than the top circle. The third row features three smaller dark grey circles which form the bottom of the pyramid. The ease with which the colors transition from light to dark further invoke a sense of curiosity while also maintaining an inviting & welcoming feel.


Smashed Media’s primary objective when working on Blockwolf’s branding was to ensure the entire look & feel of the logo design was both clean & modern & that the messages conveyed were consistent with the brand’s core mission. Although cryptocurrency is a relatively new market, there are an increasing number of companies who provide services & information to prospective & current cryptocurrency investors. As such, it was crucial that Blockwolf not only stand out from competitors, but also, establish itself as reliable authority when it comes all things blockchain and cryptocurrency related.


Visual Elements 2018


Visual Elements 2018


Audio Elements 2018


Visual Elements 2018