Burganic trailblazed onto the South Florida scene when they opened as the region’s first organic burger company. Burganic is planning on opening a dozen South Florida locations of the next 2.5 years. With an ethos of combining conscious nutrition with the ultimate in flavor, the brand was five years in the making as its founders sought out the very best in locally sourced organic ingredients. The result is a menu comprised entirely of highly-nutritious, healthy, guilt-free recipes brought to the table thanks to truly sustainable farming techniques.

Branding Strategy

With ethical values being key to the brand message, Smashed Media partnered with Burganic to create a strategy that communicated these essential company values and the core mission. Today’s food industry is driven by the increase of public awareness as to the quality of nutrition, sustainability, and the source of ingredients. Following extensive market research, we engineered a blueprint that spoke the language of their target audience and directly connected with consumer needs. Our design team created a brand identity that was powerful through its simplicity, standing out from current and potential competitors with an original and contrasting theme.

Website Development

Pre-launch development was pivotal to the on-going success of Burganic’s website to drive interest and move their target market along a superbly constructed sales funnel. Our web design team worked closely with Burganic to assist with understanding of their target demographics and determined a cutting-edge website that allows for communication between the brand and potential clients. The finished product was optimized to be beautifully visualized and operate perfectly on mobile device. This was a vital necessity due to the nature of Burganic’s business and target audience who’re increasingly likely to be browsing on the move.