Crystal Bowman

Crystal Bowman is a best selling author of over one hundred Christian books for children which provide meaningful lessons on family & bible values while also using vibrant illustrations. With books catering to children of all different ages, Crystal Bowman’s books are written with purpose & are perfect for the whole family.


Crystal Bowman approached Smashed Media wanting to redesign her current logo that was well aligned with the brand’s core values & mission – to “tell little ones that God loves & cares for them very much.” The Crystal Bowman logo was meticulously crafted to embody the brand’s key attributes. The handwritten wordmark reflects the highly personal nature of the brand, also evoking innocence, youth & storytelling. The imagery which portrays two children whose head & feet are poking out from behind over-sized books from speaks to the brand’s playful, educational & child-friendly elements. what the brand is all about – children. transcend the. Overall, the logo radiates confidence & hope & tempered by a pleasant welcoming feel.


The target audience is spiritually connected individuals who value the use of storytelling to educate their children on religious values & important life lessons. To cater to these needs, the website was meticulously designed to ensure that it could be easily navigated by users who trying to purchase products, get additional information or submit an inquiry. We wanted to ensure that the new site was also optimized for performance regardless of whether it was accessed using a laptop, tablet or mobile device. To drive book sales & increase awareness of the speaking events Crystal Bowman participates in nationwide, our designers worked with a vast collection of images & video content, selecting only those that best brought the brand’s spirit to life. In the end, we created a brand identity that perfectly represented who Crystal Bowman is as a author as well as the subject & overall tone of her books.