Dapper & Divine

A boutique hair salon in Boca Raton, Dapper & Divine Hair Studio is all about helping clients achieve the perfect look. Our goal was to not only create an optimized, functional & beautifully designed website, but to also ensure its brand’s messages were clearly communicated.


Dapper & Divine approached Smashed Media needing a website that would to convey its passion for beauty services & its commitment to ensuring each client’s experience is nothing short of remarkable. Because Dapper & Divine caters to both men & women, it was important to design a website & total brand experience that would appeal to both genders. Additionally, the salon wanted to drive online traffic to the site & work on its social media presence. The Smashed Media team helped improve visitors’ website experience by providing a responsive website design that both looked & worked at its best on every screen size & on every device.

Brand Strategy

In addition to the visual system, we worked closely with Dapper & Divine to sharpen their brand voice & formalize a language system that was a natural extension of their brand. Using insights from extensive market research, the strategy phase involved defining the brand’s positioning & establishing a cohesive brand personality. The end product was the development of a brand characterized by professionalism, exquisite taste & unparalleled talent.


As part of a comprehensive internet marketing program, Smashed Media unleashed a search marketing campaign for Dapper & Divine focusing primarily on local markets. To capture more demand, we created & optimized an aggressive paid search campaign with targeted keywords, competitive keyword bidding & conversion tracking via standalone landing pages. By increasing click-through rates, optimizing the relevance of keywords to their associated ad groups, improving landing page relevance & keyword optimization & adjusting relevance of the ad text, our team successfully helped Dapper & Divine improve its average position.


Visual Elements 2018


Visual Elements 2018


Audio Elements 2018


Visual Elements 2018