Endless Frontier Labs

Endless Frontier Labs (EFL) plays a pivotal role in assisting cutting-edge scientific and technological breakthroughs to transform into high-growth business models. Founded at New York University (NYU), this global program provides the critical link for early-stage start-ups to achieve the vital connections necessary to branch into lucrative U.S. markets. EFLs unique mentoring model required a digital presence as extraordinary as their program and turned to the expertise of Smashed Media for this to become a reality.

Website Development

Smashed Media utilized cutting edge website development in order to increase the number of applicants to the EFL program. By combining the latest design trends, conversion rate optimization and dynamic functionality the website was able to successfully engage and convert potential applicants. The well designed user interface was a representation of the prestigious EFL program and displayed the elite nature of the brand. The EFL website was able to communicate the brand message, program sponsors and benefits in a clear and concise manner which increased the overall growth of the EFL program.

Branding Strategy

Smashed Media was keen to weave a strategic message throughout the branding that represented both the identity of NYU and that of the pioneering role of the advancement of human welfare. The title by which the program would be known was fundamental in the brand message and inspired by a pivotal 1945 report presented to the U.S. President by Vannevar Bush, Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, called Science, The Endless Frontier. Tactical color choice ensured the vital correlation to NYU and the use of random graphical elements throughout instilled the feel of chaotic order—a replication of the basis of all scientific advancement and one that creates a strikingly beautiful impression to the viewer over all digital platforms.

Marketing Strategy

With the EFL mission being very different from other accelerators and incubators it was necessary to curate a distinct marketing strategy that showcased the potency of such a mentoring program to optimize the chance of success. Smashed Media used the power of LinkedIn Ads to deliver a targeted message that represented the transformational power of the program, one that led to over 800 applications within a two-month timeframe. By combining the talents of both the creative and implementation teams, the careful development of marketing tactics to drive the brand led a highly successful campaign that increased the overall growth of the EFL program.