Hotel Scents

The power of the olfactory system is potent, and this “science of smell” is the unique concept on which Hotel Scents have built their market leading status. It’s a proven fact that the power of a scent has a remarkable effect on positive emotions. Such fragrances can be used within a wide variety of business environments to not only attract customers but also to build brand trust. Hotel Scents is the leading distributor in the market, using the latest in technology to bring the positive power of aroma to any desired location in a diverse range of industries, including hotels, spas, retail, fitness, and automotive.

Digital Advertising

The sensory aspect that’s the core of what Hotel Scents offers gave Smashed Media a wonderfully emotive canvas with which to work. Our creative team was keen to bring about a sophisticated and captivating digital marketing campaign that would captivate current and potential clients through the strategic use of color palette, design, perception, and words.

By delivering a consistent and identifiable message that worked via all digital platforms, Smashed Media conveyed a high-end, remodeled brand message that strategically targeted this luxury market. Such a digital advertising campaign embraced the powerful aspects of elegance and sophistication desired by key clientele, successfully escalating the company’s marketing position, proliferating leads, and dramatically raising its ROI.

Digital Strategy

Hotel Scents were keen to increase their digital presence, drive traffic, and boost sales. Smashed Media carried out extensive market research to determine not only how this could be achieved but also to fully understand marketing habits of their competitors. This allowed for the strategic implementation of a campaign that utilized focused keywords and distinctive copy that was based on their own users search inquiries, as well as that of their rivals.

By boosting online traffic and innovative use of advertising across all platforms, Smashed Media was effectively able to increase traffic and sales. In addition, they also uncovered increased market opportunities as well as truly differentiating Hotel Scents from their competition.