Incredible hypnotist

Richard Barker is a world-renowned & highly sought after professional hypnotist, comedy stage hypnotist, media source, television personality, author & keynote speaker. For over 20 years, the Incredible Hypnotist has dazzled audiences, media professionals, celebrities & corporate clients in 38 different countries around the globe. Offstage, Richard uses his talent to help improve the lives of individuals requiring hypnosis to overcome a variety of obstacles, phobias & behaviors. Richard Barker’s work has been featured on The Today Show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, ET Entertainment Tonight, Reader’s Digest, Huffington Post, Glamour Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Marie Claire, US Weekly, Google Talks, Health Magazine, SELF Magazine, Men’s Fitness, InStyle Magazine, YouTube Creator Summit, CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, in addition to many major news shows & publications worldwide.


As a prominent leader in the industry & popular public figure, it was critical that the design of the brand’s logo reflect Richard Barker’s notoriety, success & level of expertise. while simultaneously legitimizing his skill & pedigree. The logo features a somewhat abstract symbol which appears as “O” in “Hypnotist.” The use simple yet elegant black typeface on a white background evokes the brand’s core attributes: alignment, insight, & inspiration.
Being that the Incredible Hypnotist is captivating brand personality who has already achieved national recognition for his work, we felt that a simplistic logo design was the best approach


Barker initially approached Smashed Media wanting to revamp & modernize his current website while making it more functional & user-friendly. Our team discovered a variety of UX issues which were causing a high bounce rate & limited page views per session. Our goal was to ensure his new website was easy to navigate so that users could take the desired actions, which, in turn would increase conversion rates. The Smashed Media team created a seamless interface from which users could directly contact the Incredible Hypnotist, book private sessions, watch videos, shop products & read real reviews.


Smashed Media created & optimized an aggressive paid search campaign with targeted keywords, competitive keyword bidding, & conversion tracking. In order to help Barker increase brand awareness we suggested running an impression campaign using rich video content from his live shows & seminars. YouTube, Facebook & LinkedIn ads worked tremendously well as we were able to reach a vast audience, in turn generating many solid leads for his online hypnosis downloadable program. To increase sales for live events, hypnosis seminars & one-on-one private hypnosis courses, we also implemented a targeted paid search campaign & social media marketing techniques which used refined, interest & audience targeting to generate geographically localized leads.