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Jiffy Lube is an American brand of automotive oil change specialty shops originally founded in 1971. With over 2,000 locations nationwide, Jiffy Lube perform oil change services as well as comprehensive preventive maintenance to check, change, inspect, flush, fill & clean essential systems & components of your vehicle.


For the redesign of their website our prerogative was to ensure it was fully-functional & optimized so to compel users to take the desired action of texting, printing or emailing coupons to themselves directly from the website. It was critical that the new website seamlessly guide consumers through the process of selecting services, finding locations & enhance their overall experience on the site. Smashed Media continues to work closely with Jiffy Lube franchisees in order to optimize both traditional & digital strategies to strengthen brand awareness in each region & to increase same store sales year after year.


Jiffy Lube partnered with Smashed Media looking to improve their online presence, uncover market opportunities, better understand consumers’ needs, & differentiate itself from the competition. Our collective challenge was to determine which marketing campaigns were driving store traffic & the ROI from each marketing initiative. Before working with the Smashed Media team, Jiffy Lube calculated the success of their marketing campaigns by the number of coupon redemptions associated with a given promotion from a specific advertising initiative.

Through conversion optimization, our team was able to analyze experience flows & make informed decisions for optimization based on the particular actions Jiffy Lube customers typically take when using its website. We also utilized heat mapping to gain additional insight into their user’s desired journey. By combining both quantitative research & qualitative consumer trend analysis with key market insights & user testing, we were able to work from a position of deep understanding of their user’s preferences, expectations & behaviors. Based on the specific data compiled, we determined which techniques should be used in order to ensure we create the most engaging brand experience.


As the competitiveness in the quick lube industry increased, it became increasingly difficult to simply lower the cost per click (CPC) for paid search. As such, we utilized modern conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques to increase the percentage of users who downloaded coupons from their website & thereafter visited a store location. In an effort to ultimately lower the customer acquisition cost while simultaneously maximizing the number of new & repeat customers, we implemented advance work flows that catered to the customer’s specific vehicle needs & current user intent. Smashed Media also developed new ad campaigns for each major service type or media format that Jiffy Lube offered. Each of these campaigns opened the door to a wide-range of ad groups that targeted specific media types & conversion solutions. By using highly-focused ad groups our team was able to maximize ad relevance as well as keyword quality score.

To drive increased traffic to Jiffy Lube’s website & optimize conversion rates for more high quality leads, we began highly-segmented search & display campaigns that effectively targeted the most profitable search terms. Utilizing advanced targeting strategies, Jiffy Lube saw an increase in account performance across the board. During the first couple of months working with Smashed Media, they saw an increase in conversions & a decrease in their CPA & customer acquisition cost. These positive results can be attributed to their ads receiving better exposure & their users having a more conducive UIUX experience on their website.


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