Raw Ethics

Raw Ethics provides a modern system of training which enables its clients to develop & maintain a functional & healthy body. The Raw Ethics approach is unlike most other approaches in that there is absolutely no dieting, processed food, man made vitamins, or diet pills. Raw Ethics uses simple guidelines that have been proven effective, healthy & easy for anyone to follow.


The Raw Ethics site was architected to create distinct experiences for users while cross-promoting both fitness, a healthy lifestyle & healthy eating guides. Because the website would be the brand’s primary touchpoint, it was designed to be modern, informative & high-end. The user experience is highly intuitive & engaging, marked by photo & video content that breathes life into the site.

To communicate the vibrancy of the brand, we captured a range of full-color photography & featured trainers & clients performing different exercises to convey the versatility of their programs as well as a safe & comfortable environment for clients. The energetic, holistic, client focused aspects of the Raw Ethics brand were embodied in the modern headers, versatile animation & the use of vibrant color. Key features of the site included company information, a programs menu, pricing structure & full integration with the RAW mobile application.


The analytics data we compiled regarding user behavior showed that the Raw Ethics’ website received the majority of traffic from mobile devices. As such, we knew our efforts needed to be geared towards an audience that is primarily on the go, needing easy access to information no matter where they are. The Raw Ethics site was therefore designed from a mobile-first approach to be maximally responsive. We then developed a landing page to increase the conversion rate for mobile users. This enabled us to lower the client’s cost per acquisition by over 35%. In order to continue their growth trajectory to reach even more people in need of their services, Raw Ethics turned to PPC. Using refined GEO targeting, we were able to specifically target those individuals that were within 5 miles of their Boca Raton training facility.