Specialized Manufacturing

Specializing Manufacturing, is a contract manufacturing company offering a full range of services in electrical cable, harness assembly & precision sheet metal fabrication. With distribution nationwide & over 85 years of manufacturing experience, Specialized Manufacturing has the requisite expertise to be meet all of their clients’ project demands.

Brand Strategy

Specialized Manufacturing teamed up with Smashed Media in hopes of rebranding their current logo & creating a new website that was well aligned with the brand’s commitment to excellence. Their primary goal was to differentiate themselves as established, professional & at the top of their industry. Our research further confirmed that their current brand was not adequately conveying these attributes.

In designing a much-needed refresh for the Specialized logo, we strengthened & stylized the original the “S” logo & incorporated two different shades of blue & two shades of grey into the design. In order to strengthen the appearance of the Specialized wordmark & to further emphasize this specific brand element we used navy blue & emboldened the font. Although the logo was completely re-imagined, the prominence of the Specialized Manufacturing wordmark as well as the simplicity of the font preserved brand recognition.

Website Design

The Specialized Manufacturing site was designed to be an impressive, informative preface to the company’s pervasive capabilities. In examining the competitors’ sites, we discovered that many of their sites did exactly the opposite. Simplicity in design & messaging was a tremendous opportunity to help Specialized Manufacturing differentiate its brand from the competition. The result was a site that was clean, minimalist yet comprehensive.
One of the most compelling features of the website is the gallery which features detailed 3D renderings of their products as it enables users to better conceptualize the true quality of Specialized Manufacturing’s work.

To cater to their user’s needs, the website was meticulously designed for optimal performance regardless of device—evoking a consistent & compelling brand experience on desktop & mobile alike. Central themes surrounding manufacturing are used throughout the site, building a brand narrative that promotes the most fundamental features of the brand –providing excellent service & quality parts in a safe environment & timely manner.


Visual Elements 2018


Visual Elements 2018


Audio Elements 2018


Visual Elements 2018