With a great email marketing campaign you are able address the right people at precisely the right time. Unlike other forms of advertising, email marketing strategies can be controlled & targeted to ensure it touches the most relevant & responsive user audience.


Email marketing continues to bring in high profits to businesses who use it right. We understand users & what they will respond to. Let our creative agency help you craft an email marketing campaign that inspires responses & drives results via conversions.


The focus of Email Workflows is to bolster engagement among your brand’s qualified leads. At Smashed Media, our email marketing services help clients focus in on their qualified leads – those users with a genuine need for their products or services.

Based on user data & online engagement history, we are able to identify which demographic we should target with future email campaigns & what to include in these campaigns in order to increase conversions.

Good email starts with valuable content. – Hubspot

With email workflows, businesses also have the opportunity to develop targeted content for a variety of prospective consumers & automate delivery of the content once a lead has engaged with your brand in a particular way. Our email management team can help customize email workflows to meet your specific business goals by batching emails to make them more timely, relevant & targeted. Not only will we save you time by automating the entire process, but we will also better engage & convert your current database into actual paying customers.


Email Automation is an effective tool used to convert leads into customers & to encourage activity among current customers. We use the data collected to custom tailor your campaign to fit your specific business goals – whether that be automating & personalizing email communications, keeping contact communication history in one place, creating auto-responders to send personalized emails or modifying your current campaign based on its relative performance.


When we create customer loyalty programs for clients, our primary objective is to build the brand’s lifetime value by helping to mold user’s digital experiences & communications across email, mobile, social, & other channels.


Using our years of expertise in data science & business analysis, we help brands develop data management platform strategies & implementation that will mature with the brand over the course of its lifetime.