Today it’s all about the pocket end-to-end user experience that makes it easier for brands to engage & retain consumers’ interest. While not all consumers can afford to purchase a laptop or desktop computer, the majority of consumers can afford an entry level smart phone. As such, Mobile app marketing as an industry has quickly overtaken desktop internet access.


“The adoption rate of mobile is twice that of the internet, three times that of social media, and 10 times faster than PCs.” –Emma Crowe

Today, approximately 85% of consumers preferring to shop via mobile apps rather than by mobile website. In order for a brand’s mobile app to work as intended, it must include key customization features that perfectly align with the users needs & preferences. At Smashed Media, we understand exactly what users are looking for when they download mobile apps – personalization, seamless navigation & hassle-free experience.


In order to be successful, the overall design of your mobile app should maximize user engagement & strengthen user’s relationship with your brand. Highly skilled in product placement & functional elegance our team of talented mobile app developers will create apps that maximize user engagement.

Smart Analytics

Because your primary goal is to generate revenue, it is imperative that your brand’s mobile app include smart analytics. Our mobile app development team will ensure smart analytics are set up & optimized so that you’re able to gain valuable insight into your users’ behavior & buying patterns.