YouTube Ads are a phenomenal way to reach users worldwide while they’re viewing YouTube content. With over 1 billion users worldwide, 50% of which are mobile users, YouTube ads, when done well, help promote brand awareness & drive sales. YouTube advertising is a cost-effective way to target your audience using one of the most engaging forms of content – video. Running YouTube ads will ensure a larger segment of your target audience locates the video content you’ve produced.

Effective January 2017, Google made changes to AdWords to permit advertisers to reach more YouTube viewers, particularly across mobile devices which is where 50% of YouTube views occur.

“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” – Jon Buscall

Additionally, Google announced that advertisers would be able to target viewers based on their Google search history, in addition to their viewing behaviors YouTube was already targeting.

In light of these changes, ads can now be targeted at people who recently searched for a certain product or service to target the video ads they will be served on the platform. Therefore, if the content of a video ad is closely related to a user’s search, they will be more likely to watch the entire ad or click through the ad to the website.

At Smashed Media we work directly with each client to create effective & compelling YouTube advertisements that will drive success for their business. We use YouTube’s advanced targeting options, such as geographic, demographic, video title & viewer interests, to help your brand tap into even the smallest niches & attract the correct audience so that each view counts.